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A modern day Changeling the Lost role play game using an IRC format, go to the server, channel #CtL:OOC or email
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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:04 pm

These are the house rules for Changeling the Lost. It is mandatory to read before Character creation!

*Sorry but due to Operating system issues we can only except sheets using the following Online Sheet Thank you for your effort. We appreciate it.

This is a 18+ game. We will not accept any players below this age.

*Rule No. 1: ST have the final call, it is our job to make sure things remain balanced, fair and realistic.

*All Characters start with 75 points of Merits.

*Mortals are restricted to ST approval only.

*Wyrd begins at 1 naturally. You may sacrifice a point of Clarity to up your Wyrd. You may only do this twice (So the starting Clarity is either 6 or 5). Please not that the degeneration of the characters Clarity must be made clear in the Biography. If you wish to increase your Wyrd beyond 3 you will need to spend XP on it. (Please not that dropping your Wyrd when the game begins is subject to the rules of the game).

*As long as you are with the game Motley you get a free 4 Point Hollow.

*There will be 10 dots of Merits instead of 7 in Character Creation

*No Min Maxing

*All Weapons purchased in game and in character creation needs to be approved by an ST.

*Old characters are welcome as long as they are written up to this channels specifications (as in written as new characters).

*Biographies – be prepared to explain and make them detailed.

*No Character will be approved below legal age. No Child Characters. 17 years old will be pushing it for us, for personal and legal reasons. STs reserve the right to say no to a character concept that we feel wont fit this game.

*Lastly remember All ST’s are evil so if you don’t want to play it don’t add it to your character, we will use everything. Enjoy.
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House Rules
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