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A modern day Changeling the Lost role play game using an IRC format, go to the server, channel #CtL:OOC or email
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 Experience Point System

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Experience Point System Empty
PostSubject: Experience Point System   Experience Point System Icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2016 10:54 pm

Experience (XP) will be rewarded weekly.

3 XP for 1-3 hours of game play, in a week

6 XP for 4-7 hours of game play in a week

10 XP for 8-11 hours of game play in a week

15XP for 12+ hours

ST's reserve the right to grant extra experience rewards for involvement in Story Lines and spectacular game play. Outstanding play of Flaws will be rewarded with extra weekly XP

*Note the XP rewarded for roleplaying Flaws will only happen in a situation where the flaw really effects the character. For example if your character is Lame, you will only get XP rewarded if you roleplay this out in a situation where it is a real significance and effects your character or others in that scene. You will not gain the reward if you simply emote walking with a limp where ever you go or ignoring the flaw all together.

*The rules are in effect for gaining a teacher to aid your characters learning. Speak to an ST about this.

Each player must submit their hours of active play per character to  XP will be awarded every Monday, so get your XP submissions by Monday morning at the latest. XP hours can only be gained in a public scene or during an story line. Private play will not count toward hours unless it is deemed character building.

Spending XP

Changeling: the Lost Experience Point Costs

New Dots x 5
New Dots x 3
Skill Specialty
New Dots x 2
Goblin Contract
Dots x 3
Affinity Contract**
New Dots x 4
Non-Affinity Contract**
New Dots x 6
New Dots x 8
New Dots x 3

** Determined by the character’s seeming or Court. All changelings have affinity with Contracts of Dream,
Hearth, Mirror and Smoke

*Experience points can be spent on Willpower only to restore dots lost through sacrifice or performing
feats that require such a sacrifice (see “The Ancient Pact,” p. 187 of Changeling: The Lost)

Mortal Experience Cost

TraitExperience Point Cost
New Rating x 5
New Rating x 2
New Rating x 3
New Rating x 3
Skill Specialty
3 Experience Points
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Experience Point System
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