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PostSubject: Crossworld    Crossworld              Icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2016 3:51 pm

Crossworld is Bermudas hedge counterpart. A long established thorn town sitting on the edge of The Sea of Nettles

Crossworld              Crossw10

Crossworld is a haven for every lowlife and degenerate that crawls through the hedge. Drifters, Hobgoblin merchants, traders and salvages are everywhere. The slave trade is ripe in this port. It is a town of wonder and dread. If there is something you want, Crossworld can provide any willing to pay the price.  

It is the Privateers playground. With easy access to the mortal worlds there is more use for them then hunting down a runaway lost. This is the place the freeholds fear to tread though not stupid enough to turn their backs on. What happens here can echo across the seas.

Crossworld              Crossw13

Law is used loosely in these parts mostly is is survival of the fittest. Though Crossworld is run by a Hob Merchant called Malax. ruthless and successful and extremely driven. Malax envisioned a port on the Sea of Nettles and worked relentlessly toward it, seizing the opportunity given by the portals, some even believe the Gentry themselves had their hand in the vision or more. He managed to gain pathmaker slaves who painfully carved out every inch of Crossworld. Giving him a massive advantage with slavers and salvages needing a safe haven for their work.

Privateers, hob mercenaries and hunters offered special make up Malax's enforcers, his security and safeguard to his wealth. Often making up the rules as they go along.

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