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 Home Ground Song Sea Island add Songs Hollow

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PostSubject: Home Ground Song Sea Island add Songs Hollow   Home Ground Song Sea Island add Songs Hollow Icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2016 3:40 pm

Song Sea Island is named after Captain Song, leader of the motley crew calling themselves The Corsair's. Freelancers working for the Freeholds, dealing with trouble and issues that require a special touch.

Home Ground Song Sea Island add Songs Hollow Song-s10

Song Sea Island is leased to Captain Song by a high Lord of the Summer Court in New York, who is not exactly known. This private island is just a stone thrown from Hamilton the capital city of Bermuda.  The island hosts a private residence and few supporting buildings, private beaches and dock allowing the motley privacy for their plans and downtime.

Song's Hollow can be gained through a Cave in the center of the island, leading way to the motleys home in the hedge. Another small Island near the Crossworld, a Hedge town port on The Sea of Nettles

  • The hollow is the equivalent of a 4 point Merit.
    An abandoned mansion, in the middle of a small island; equivalent to nine to 15 rooms or chambers.

  • Hollow wards protect the island from intruders giving it optimal security.

  • There are 3 Hollow doors located through out.
    A Door leads to a storage shed in Hamilton, Bermuda.
    A Door that leads to Songs Ship.
    A Door that leads to Song Sea Island.

  • The Hollow containing abundant mundane delights and even one or two noteworthy minor magical services as well.

Feasting Table (••••): The Feasting Table is a dining room table, of dark cherry wood and with elegant, ornate claw feet. One places a tablecloth over it and, upon whipping the cloth away, finds that the table has been filled with enough food to feed a squad of soldiers. The food is rich, luxuriant, a wide spread of strange gourmet meals. Some are earthly (duck confit and gnocchi, for instance), and some… aren’t (drained and rinsed venom glands braised in a syrupy dream-a-drupe brandy). One side amenity is that in the middle of the smorgasbord there always lingers a bowl of five goblin fruits of one type. The changeling cannot demand what fruit will appear, just as he cannot decide what the Feasting Table will serve as its spread.
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Home Ground Song Sea Island add Songs Hollow
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