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 Guide to Writing a Changeling

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PostSubject: Guide to Writing a Changeling   Guide to Writing a Changeling Icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2016 3:09 am

Character Creation
The Following is a step by step guide to character creation for Changelings the  Lost. The guidelines set out in the World of Darkness main rulebook, plus the rules from the Changeling: the Lost book. We use the online Character Sheets for all characters played. All Submissions go to with a url link to the sheet and a character Biography. Make sure you read House Rules

Step 1 Concepts
The concept is what your changeling is where they come from and what its standing in the game will the take take. The Concept will take form form deciding the following.

Choose Seeming
Seeming the type of fae you are on a very basic level. This is the broadest category for the type of changes the character's Keeper made to them. There are six types of Seeming, and each Seeming is further defined with Kiths.

  • Beast Animalistic fae. Affinity Contract is Fang and Talon. Kiths are Broadback, Hunterheart, Runnerswift, Skitterskulk, Steepscrambler, Swimmerskin, Venombite, and Windwing.
  • Darkling Nocturnal and shadowy fae. Affinity Contract is Darkness. Kiths are Antiquarian, Gravewright, Leechfinger, Mirrorskin, and Tunnelgrub.
  • Elemental Fae born of the raw elements. Affinity Contract is Elements. Kiths are Airtouched, Earthbones, Fireheart, Manikin, Snowskin,
    Waterborn, and Woodblood.
  • Fairest Most lovely (and often cruel) fae. Affinity Contract is Vainglory. Kiths are Bright One, Dancer, Draconic, Flowering, and Muse.
  • Ogre Strong and brutal fae. Affinity Contract is Stone. Kiths are Cyclopean, Farwalker, Gargantuan, Gristlegrinder, Stonebones, Water-Dweller.
  • The Wizened Subtle craftsmen of the fae. Affinity Contract is Artifice. Kiths are Artist, Brewer, Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Oracle, Soldier, Smith, and Woodwalker.

See Seemings for a more detailed description of each.
See Kiths for a more extensive list.
*Kiths are archetypes assigned to Seemings.
There are various types of Contracts. Universal contracts are available for any Seeming to also chose from. Court affiliated contracts are for those that belong to the corresponding Court. Seeming Contracts are assigned to the specific Seeming type. so choose carefully.

Choose Specialty
Each Changeling gains a free Specialty from their Seeming, it will further define what they do, if you look at Seemings in more details you will decide what aspect of either seeming they will take.

Choose Court
There are four Courts available for play, the traditional Seasonal Courts. Court are chosen by the character, depending on their political and ideological leanings.

  • Autumn The Ashen Court draw their strength from magic and from Fear.
  • Spring The Emerald Court draw their strength in the beautiful things in life and from Desire.
  • Summer The Crimson Court draw their strength in fighting back against their former captors and from Wrath.
  • Winter The Onyx Court draw their strength from the ability to blend in with mortals and from Sorrow.

See Courts for more details.

Step 2 Sheet Creation:

Virtues and Vice:
All characters have strengths and weaknesses, noble aspects and dark sides to their personalities. While most people try to cultivate virtues and eschew vices, both are intrinsic elements of identity and both equally reinforce a sense of self, whether we like to admit it or not Each character starts the game with one from each. Virtue and Vice may clearly reflect your character's background and concept.

Virtues: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance,
Vice: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath

See Virtue and Vice for more details.

Attributes define the core of your character. There are three categories of Attributes: Mental (Intelligence, Wits, Resolve), Physical (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina), and Social (Presence, Manipulation, Composure).
Prioritize the three categories (5/4/3). Characters begin with one dot in each Attribute automatically, dots spent are in addition to the starting ones. NOTE: The fifth dot in any Attribute costs two dots to purchase.

Skills represent your character's learned capabilities. Start by prioritizing the three categories Mental, Physical, and Social.
Prioritize the three categories (11/7/4). NOTE: The fifth dot in any Skill costs two dots to purchase

Skill Specialties
Now Select 3 free Skill Specialties of your choice.You may assign each specialty however you like, whether you assign all of them to a single skill or spread them out over three different skills. There is no limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single Skill. A Skill specialty adds +1 die to rolls involving that specialty.


  • Record your Defense rating. Defense is the lowest score of Dexterity or Wits.
  • Record your Size rating, which is 5 for most adults.
  • Record your Health, which is equal to your Stamina + Size scores.
  • Record your Initiative rating. Initiative is equal to Dexterity + Composure.
  • Record your Mortality score. This is equal to 7 for starting characters. See Clarity for Changeling.

    Clarity tracks this delicate balance between the mundane world and the maddening realms of Glamor. A changeling with high Clarity is able to easily distinguish between the two worlds and might even become slightly more adept at spotting supernatural phenomena otherwise hidden from view. By contrast, a changeling with low Clarity finds her perceptions spiraling out of control. She starts having trouble distinguishing her dreams from reality, and starts mixing up elements from the two worlds
    Changelings begin with a Clarity of 7. Any player may drop their character’s Clarity Trait buy up to 2 dots for 5 exp per dot that can be spent at character creation. This drop must be explained in the history.

    See Clarity for more details.

  • Record your Speed score, which is equal to Strength + Dexterity + 5.
  • Record your Willpower score. Willpower is equal to Resolve + Composure.

*Note that most advantages cannot be raised directly through Experience Points. You must instead raise the traits from which they are derived. (Morality is the exception).

Merits And Flaws
A. Record any selected Merits. You have 10 dots (House rule) to spread amongst Mental, Physical and social Merits. See Merits for a more extensive list
*The fifth dot in any Merit costs two dots to purchase.
*You must meet any prerequisites a Merit requires before taking that Merit. See Merits for more details.
Record any selected Flaws form the Flaw lists.
*You do not gain anything from Flaws, though they do tend to make a story much more interesting and you can gain extra Experience at the end of the week for playing them out when it matters in play.

*Changeling Merits
Changelings may also choose from the new Merits of Court Goodwill, Harvest, Hollow, Mantle, New Identity, and Token.

Choose Contracts
Changelings receive 5 dots of Contracts to spend, at least two of which must be spent in one or two of his Seeming or Court's Affinity Contracts. The classes of Contracts are:
Universal Contracts of Dream, Hearth, Mirror, and Smoke
Seeming Artifice, Darkness, Elements, Fang and Talon, Stone, and Vainglory
Court Eternal Autumn, Eternal Spring, Eternal Summer, Eternal Winter, Fleeting Autumn, Fleeting Spring, Fleeting Summer, Fleeting Winter
Goblin Only one-dot Goblin Contracts may be purchased at character creation

All changelings can feel the magic of Faerie pulsing through their veins. This transformative power within is called the Wyrd. Changelings receive one dot of Wyrd, representing the transformation they experienced in Arcadia. Additional dots may be purchased with experience points, or initial Merit dots can be spent (3 Merit points per dot of Wyrd) to add extra Wyrd dots.
Wyrd for new Changelings is 1. Glamor pool is 10 and Glamor per turn is 1. A character starts with their Glamor pool at half-full. See Wyrd for more details.

See Wyrd for more details.

With a completed sheet and Biography the character is ready for approval. Remember Storytellers have final say.
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Guide to Writing a Changeling
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