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 Moon Contract

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PostSubject: Moon Contract   Moon Contract Icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 11:36 pm

The memory of Faerie as a place of madness is more than just poetic metaphor. Some changelings have uncovered ancient Contracts pledged between the fae and powers of moonlight and madness. Many Lost are reticent to call on this particular pact, but others grimly note that any weapon may prove useful in their struggle.

All changelings count this Contract list as affinity Contracts.

[ 1 ] Lunatic's Knowing Glance ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 105 )

The changeling can instantly tell if anyone she is looking at suffers from a derangement. She also gains some insight into the precise nature of any derangements she sees.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling is dressed as a medical professional and behaves as such a person.

Dramatic Failure: For the next full scene, the character receives utterly random and false information about who does or does not possess which derangements.

Failure: The clause fails, and character gains no information about the mental health of people she observes.

Success: By spending one point of Glamour, the character instantly knows the nature of any and all derangements suffered by anyone she can see clearly. She can tell a paranoid from a schizophrenic at a glance and can also easily see if someone is completely sane. She can also tell details about the particular type of madness the person has, such as what someone with a phobia is afraid of, what behavior an obsessive compulsive is driven to perform and what a multiple personality's different personalities are roughly like. This ability lasts for the next full scene. Each success on this roll also provides the character with one die for any attempt to help someone she observes to overcome his derangement. Alternatively, the character can use these dice as a bonus to any attempt to trigger a particularly severe episode of the target's madness.

Exceptional Success: The character is also able to have some sense of what event triggered the person's derangement.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling talks to the people she is observing (+1); The changeling is observing people through a window or live video link (-2).

[ 2 ] Maddening Eye ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 106 )

By staring intently at someone who already possesses one or more derangements, the changeling can cause those derangements to grow temporarily worse.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd - Composure

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling is currently suffering from at least one derangement.

Dramatic Failure: The character suffers a random minor derangement for one scene.

Failure: The clause fails, and the character cannot cause the target's derangements to worsen.

Success: If the roll succeeds and the target already possesses at least one derangement, then the target is affected by this clause. Targets with mild derangements always gain the severe version of this derangement. For example, a character who suffers from Fixation temporarily has Obsessive Compulsion, just as a target who suffers from Vocalization temporarily suffers from Schizophrenia. Targets who already suffer from severe derangements gain one additional severe derangement, chosen by the Storyteller. Worsened and new derangements affect the target only for the next full scene; after this time, they swiftly fade, and the target returns to normal. This contact automatically fails if it is used upon a character without any derangements. The changeling must stare intently at a target to use this clause. In addition to reacting strongly to having a new severe derangement, many targets react to the changeling's stare, and some of the most outspokenly disturbed may claim the changeling did something to them. One of the most powerful features of this clause is that after the changeling has successfully used it on one target, for the remainder of the scene, she can use this clause on other targets without needing to spend additional Glamour. The changeling pays the Glamour cost of this clause when the clause is first used. Then, for the remainder of the scene, the character can use this ability on additional targets merely by staring intently at the target and making another roll. If the character fails at any of these rolls, she cannot attempt to use this clause on that target without spending more Glamour, but she can attempt to use the clause on other targets without spending additional points of Glamour.

Exceptional Success: The increased or additional derangement that the target suffers lasts until the sun next rises or sets, whichever comes first. Also, if the target already suffers from a severe derangement, the character can choose which new severe derangement the target gains.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling touches the target while gazing at him (+1); The target actively attempts to avoid the changeling's gaze (-2).

[ 3 ] Touch Of Bedlam ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 106 )

With even the lightest of touches, the changeling can cause a target to temporarily suffer from a single severe derangement of the changeling's choice.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd vs. Composure + Wyrd

Action: Instant and contested

Catch: The subject has broken an oath to the changeling.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling accidentally suffers the effects of the clause herself.

Failure: The Contract fails, and the target is unaffected.

Success: The changeling can induce a severe derangement of her choice into a single target. The changeling cannot determine the details of the derangement, such as the trigger for hysteria, only the general type of derangement. Also, the changeling cannot induce extreme derangements such as Schizophrenia, Multiple personality or Fugue. In addition, the changeling must touch the target to use this clause. This derangement lasts for only one full scene, after which the target immediately returns to normal.

Exceptional Success: The changeling induces an extreme derangement such as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality or Fugue in the target. The changeling can also precisely determine the nature of the target's derangement, such as the particular triggers for Hysteria or the nature of the other personality or personalities for Multiple Personality.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling addresses the target by his full name (+1); The changeling only casually brushes against the target when using this clause (-1).

[ 4 ] The Madness Of Crowds ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 107 )

The changeling can induce temporary mass Hysteria, causing everyone around her to temporarily suffer from the same mild derangement.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Expression

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling is playing music, reciting poetry, telling stories or otherwise performing for an audience that consists of most of the people around her.

Dramatic Failure: The clause fails, and the people in the crowd all develop a sense that there is something suspicious and possibly even dangerous about the changeling.

Failure: The clause fails, and the people surrounding the changeling are unaffected.

Success: Everyone else within range suffers from a single mild derangement for the remainder of the scene. This clause affects everyone within 50 yards of the changeling. The changeling is not affected, and can also choose to keep anyone in physical contact with her when she uses the clause from being affected. Characters who move away from the changeling during this scene or who come within 50 yards of the changeling during the scene are not affected; the clause affects only characters who were within 50 yards of the changeling when she first used this clause. The changeling selects which derangement she wishes to inflict upon people. For derangements such as Phobias, she can also choose what triggers the targets are afraid of or fixated on. For example, the changeling doesn't just inflict everyone within range with a Phobia, she inflicts everyone with a fear of blood. If anyone affected by this clause already suffers from this derangement, that person instead gains the related severe derangement. For example, if the changeling affected everyone with a Phobia of snakes and there was someone present who already had a Phobia of snakes, that target temporarily gains the Hysteria derangement triggered by snakes. At the end, all derangements produced by this clause fade away, leaving the affected individuals to attempt to rationalize the reason for their actions.

Exceptional Success: If the character wishes, she can inflict the related severe derangement upon the crowd.

Suggested Modifiers: The crowd is already loud and emotional (for example, the audience at a rock concert) (+1); The crowd is passive and well controlled (for example, the audience at a lecture) (-1).

[ 5 ] Lurking Insanity ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 107 )

The character can look intently at a target and cause him to develop a latent form of insanity that manifests only when a specific even or type of event occurs.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Subterfuge

Action: Instant

Catch: The target has betrayed a close blood relative such as a child, parent, aunt or first cousin.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling suffers from a derangement that is triggered at some particularly inopportune time and that lasts for one scene.

Failure: The clause fails, and the target remains sane.

Success: The changeling can cause the target to develop a single form of insanity of her choice, including either a mild or a severe derangement. This derangement is triggered by a specific pre-determined event, such as the target seeing a certain person or being in fear of her life. The changeling can even induce extreme derangements such as Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality or Fugue. Also, until this event occurs, the target remains as sane as always. The insanity begins as soon as the triggering event occurs and lasts for the next full scene, after which the target returns to normal. The trigger can be anything from a general event, such as riding in a car to more specific triggers such as seeing a particular person or hearing a certain phrase, or the trigger can even be triggered at a specific time and date. In addition to being able to determine the type and severity of the derangement, the changeling can also determine the precise nature of the insanity, including the exact nature of the fear involved in the Phobia or Hysteria and the precise nature of the character's additional personalities in Multiple Personality. If not triggered within 28 days (one lunar month), the clause ends without affecting the target. Also, the changeling must be looking into the target's eyes to use this clause.

Exceptional Success: The insanity manifests a number of times equal to the changeling's Wyrd. In each of these cases, the trigger remains the same, but instead of merely occurring once and vanishing forever, the insanity recurs the next several times the target is exposed to the same trigger. The target appears perfectly sane in between these episodes, and this Contract ceases to affect the target after 28 days.

Suggested Modifiers: The target is highly emotional when the changeling uses this Contract (+1); The target does not know the changeling's name (-1).
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Moon Contract
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