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 Reflections Contract

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PostSubject: Reflections Contract   Reflections Contract Icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 11:34 pm

This Contract affects reflections. Mirrors and reflections feature prominently in a number of Faerie stories, and since the Contracts of Mirror already exist, a Contract involving reflections is a fairly obvious choice.

[ 1 ] Reflections Of The Past ( The Equinox Road -- Page 34 )

The changeling can look into any reflective surface, from a mirror, to a pond, and see anything that has been reflected there in the last week.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The mirror belongs to someone to whom the changeling has a close emotional connection.

Dramatic Failure: The reflection shows untrue scenes that confirm the changeling's fears or worries.

Failure: The surface continues to reflect its present environment.

Success: The changeling can summon up any image that the surface reflected within the last week. The quality of this reflection is the same as it was at the moment when it was originally reflected. The changeling can review the reflections as rapidly as desired or she can state a specific day and time to see exactly what the surface reflected at that moment, freezing this reflection in place for as long as desired. These reflections can be seen by anyone, though they can't be photographed. The changeling can use this clause on any reflective surface, but many surfaces yield only vague and blurred reflections. She can continue using this clause on a mirror for one full scene.

Exceptional Success: The reflection that is revealed is significantly sharper and clearer than it originally was. A dirty puddle still won't reveal an image as clear as a clean mirror; however, the image from a smudged mirror, a relatively clean piece of glass, or a flat and relatively shiny sheet of metal will be as clear as a well polished mirror, and the image from a muddy puddle will be a clear as one from a still, clean puddle. The reflected image will show up on film if photographed.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling owns the reflecting surface or at least the land on which it rests (+1); The reflecting surface has been thoroughly cleaned, reshaped or otherwise significantly altered within the past month (-1).

[ 2 ] Glimpse Of A Distant Mirror ( The Equinox Road -- Page 35 )

The Lost can look into any reflective surface and use it to see out of another reflective surface in which his face has been reflected.

Cost: 1 Glamour

Dice Pool: Composure + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The mirror the changeling is looking into belongs to someone who has sworn enmity against him.

Dramatic Failure: The effect is reversed; anyone looking into the mirror through which the changeling is attempting to see can instead see the changeling.

Failure: The changeling sees only himself in the mirror he is looking into.

Success: The character and anyone he is with can see out of the mirror he wishes to see through as if it were a window. However, the target mirrored surface also displays the changeling's image. This clause works at any range, as long as the changeling has seen his face in the target surface within the last week. However, he must choose the specific surface, and cannot merely attempt to look through any surface in a general area in which his face has been reflected. If the surface reflects poorly, like a somewhat dirty pot lid, the image the changeling sees is similarly distorted and blurred. The changeling can look through the reflective surface for up to one scene, or dismiss the effects at any time.

Exceptional Success: The changeling can see through any reflective surface his face has been reflected in as if it were a perfectly clear piece of glass. Even a murky puddle can be used to its surroundings with perfect clarity.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling stands within a few feet of the reflective surface he wishes to look out of and stare into it for several minutes (+2); The changeling looks into and out of reflective surfaces that are of the same type and dimensions, such as two mirrors or two puddles of the same Size (+1); The changeling's reflection in the reflective surface he wishes to look out of is blurred or only seen at a distance of more than five yards away (-2).

[ 3 ] Reflection's Grasp ( The Equinox Road -- Page 36 )

The changeling can reach through a reflective surface he has touched and manipulate any object within reach, including pulling objects through the reflective surface.

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The character attempts to reach through the mirror that he uses most often to look at himself.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling's arm becomes briefly stuck going through the two reflective surfaces. He injures his arm, taking one level of lethal damage in the process.

Failure: The reflective surface fails to admit the character's arm.

Success: The changeling can physically reach his arm into one reflective surface and out another, assuming both are large enough for him to reach his arm and hand through. In effect, the character reaches through one reflective surface and his hand comes out of the other's surface. The destination surface must either be within the character's line of sight, or a surface he has physically touched within the last day. The character can manipulate objects on the other side of the reflective surface and can even bring inanimate objects of Size 2 or smaller back through a reflective surface large enough to fit them through. The changeling cannot see through the reflective surface he is reaching through, unless he uses the Glimpse of a Distant Mirror clause. The changeling can use this clause for one full scene, during which time he can put his hand and objects he is holding through the surface as often as possible. This clause is particularly useful in areas with plenty of reflective surfaces; a changeling could be able to reach through many different areas in a car dealership or fitting room. While the changeling can't bring living things through the surface, he can grab a target and pull her into the mirror as hard as he can, or steal a gun or key ring from her belt.

Exceptional Success: The changeling can see through the reflective surface as well as reach through it.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling is able to spend at least a minute running both of her bare hands over the reflective surface she wishes to reach out of (+1); The reflective surface is especially shiny and reflective, like a mirror (+1); The reflective surface is especially dim or dull, like poorly polished metal, or a muddy puddle (-2).

[ 4 ] Mirror Walk ( The Equinox Road -- Page xxx )

The changeling can step into one reflective surface large enough to fit his body through and out of a similarly-sized surface that he has touched and that his whole body has been reflected in for at least one minute.

Cost: 3 Glamour

Dice Pool: Athletics + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: A blood relative is currently reflected in the surface out of which he is stepping.

Dramatic Failure: The character steps into the reflective surface and becomes temporarily lost in the shining space between the mirrors. Each hour, he can make another roll (though needn't spend additional Glamour). If he succeeds, he finds his way back through the surface he initially stepped through. This process is sufficiently confusing and uncomfortable that the character also loses one point of Willpower.

Failure: The clause fails to activate.

Success: The character can step into one reflective surface large enough for her to fit through and then immediately step out of another reflective surface. Once the character begins stepping through, she cannot stop. If she holds another person's hand, she can bring that person through with her, but must spend another two points of Glamour and a point of Willpower to bring them through. The clause's catch cannot negate the cost of bringing through an additional person. The changeling cannot see through the surface from which she is emerging, but she can use the Glimpse of a Distant Mirror clause to take a look through it before stepping through.

Exceptional Success: The changeling can step back and forth through the reflective surface for a number of turns equal to his Wyrd without spending more Glamour.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling owns the reflective surface out of which he is attempting to step (+1); Either reflective surface is anything other than highly reflective, like a mirror, a still pool of clear water, or a flat sheet of well-polished metal (-1); The changeling is only reflected in the surface he wishes to exit at a significant distance or in some way obscures his appearance, such as a reflection through smoke or fog (-3).

[ 5 ] Stealing The Solid Reflection ( The Equinox Road -- Page 38 )

The changeling can reach into a surface and remove the reflection of any object with a Size equal to or less than his Wyrd x 2. Once removed, this reflection is a solid object.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Larceny

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling removes an image of an object owned by someone who is in debt to him.

Dramatic Failure: The reflective object shatters loudly and violently. If the reflective object is solid, it will inflict one point of lethal damage from the shards of broken glass or metal. If the reflection is from a pool of liquid, the liquid erupts from the pool, spraying everyone standing within a yard of it.

Failure: The changeling can remove nothing from the reflection.

Success: The changeling can remove the image of an object currently reflected in a surface, effectively conjuring a solid duplicate. However, the actual object must have actually been reflected in this surface; a reflection of an image, photograph or reflection cannot produce a solid object (save for, say, a duplicate snapshot). The entirety of the object or person must have been reflected in the surface and the surface must be sufficiently reflective that the image is clear, detailed and relatively undistorted. Images from mirrors, large sheets of polished metal, or large ornamental reflecting pools all work well; muddy or windblown puddles or a sufficiently dirty and chipped mirror cannot be used. In addition, the surface must be large enough to remove the object from. The changeling can only pull out full-sized objects, not those that have been increased or reduced in Size. To remove an object or living being from a reflection, it must also not be too large. The object's Size cannot be more than the changeling's Wyrd x2. A changeling with a Wyrd of three could remove an object with a maximum Size of six, while a changeling with a Wyrd of six could remove objects of up to Size 12, which allows them to remove both cars and small boats from a reflection. Any object or living being removed from a reflection is an exact mirror image of the actual object or person -- the reflection of a car has the steering wheel on the other side and all lettering, including the license plate, is also reversed. However, sound is not reversed, and so the reflection of a CD sounds the same as the actual CD. A reflected car can be destroyed, but this clause only makes reflections solid for one scene. After that time, the reflection returns to the mirror and all damage, including death, is removed. While a reflection has been made solid, the original object casts no reflection and neither does the temporarily solid reflection. Also, no matter how many reflective surfaces the changeling possesses, it is only possible to create a single solid reflection of a single object.

Exceptional Success: The reflection of the object remains solid and substantial until the next time the Sun rises or sets.

Suggested Modifiers: The person or object is currently being reflected in the surface (+1); The reflection is not perfectly clear and undistorted (-2).
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Reflections Contract
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